Right, this is all about wholeness. I suggest that 

1. Wholeness can never be 100% independent of context. 

2. Since consciousness is materially related in any definition of wholeness, I 
reason that...

3. There is not necessarily any possible method of extracting, teleporting, 
simulating, or duplicating conscious entities since...

4. Consciousness may always be the top-most 'cream' of any given system. This 
makes sense to me from a statistical mechanics perspective. Awareness can be 
defined as the perpetually least likely possibility in all universes. It is the 
'floating superlative'; like the highest mountain peak in any geographic frame, 
consciousness is the 'peakness' itself - defining the form of the mountain by 
doing nothing more than just not being underneath any other part of itself.

You correctly understood what I was getting at. Brent correctly picked out a 
flaw in my use of teleportation rather than duplication but didn't care that 
it's really irrelevant.

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