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> The profound thing is that in Helsinki he does not know which one he will
> feel to be, so he is confronted with an indeterminacy

Suppose I send the same identical Email to both you and to Craig at the
same identical time, you look at your copy and think " when John hit the
send button on his computer he could not have predicted that I would get
this copy of the Email and not the one Craig got, so it's a example of
indeterminacy and all sorts of profound conclusions can be drawn from that
fact". What makes this ridiculous is that the 2 Emails are identical and
thus completely interchangeable. In the same way the man sent to Washington
and the man sent to Moscow are also identical and thus completely
interchangeable, and they will remain that way until the environments of
Washington and Moscow, being different, change the two so they are
different and no longer interchangeable. So "first person indeterminacy" is
just the result of the unpredictable nature of what goes on in Washington
and Moscow.

> Learning that the other is there will not make you suddenly being that
> one.

Why would I need to suddenly become that other fellow for a logical man to
conclude that the predictions written in that diary was 100% correct??

>  you have restricted your prediction on the third person view on the
> 1-views.

I am in Washington and feel like I'm in Washington and only in Washington
and that is just what I predicted would happen. If that's not a "1-view"
what is?

> But that is just not answering the question asked.

The answer is 42 but I can't figure out what the question is or why what
was written in that diary is not a successful prediction.

>> In physics we say there is indeterminacy and the meaning of that is clear
> > This meaning is terribly debated since its inception.

That is entirely incorrect. The meaning of physical indeterminacy has
always been crystal clear, it's the truth or falsehood of it that has been
debated; but when you say "first person indeterminacy" I don't even know
what you're talking about.

  John K Clark

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