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We each one are free riders because we are selfish collaborators. A twist on selfish collaboration is the self deception: our memory is unconsciously distorted to support our case. we thinkl that we deserve more than the fair share etc.

"Free rider" doesn't mean just a selfish collaborator. A free rider is one who benefits from the enforcement of social norms, but doesn't contribute to their enforcement.


To use a currently in vogue cliché; "they got no skin in the game". There is net no cost for defections.

No, it doesn't mean there is no cost. It means that the 'free rider' doesn't pay any of the enforcement cost. In a society that forbids theft a burglar is a defector. The police and courts punish defectors. A free rider is someone who has his property protected by the police but doesn't pay taxes for them.


Hi Brent,

You are right, but we are looking at an abstract cartoon model. Could you help us figure out how to include "enforcement cost" in the game theoretic framework?



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

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