On 07.07.2012 19:40 John Clark said the following:
On Sat, Jul 7, 2012  Evgenii Rudnyi<use...@rudnyi.ru>  wrote:


An interesting question is however, where resulting visual mental
concepts are located.

I find it about as interesting as asking where "big" or the number
eleven is located and shows the same profound misunderstanding of the
situation on so many different levels that it's hard to know where to

The question where in physicalism numbers are located is also interesting indeed. If you know the answer, I would appreciate it.

However, visual mental concepts are even more interested as we suppose that vision is a basic human capability and it exists much longer as mathematics.

So, according to physics photons are reflected from an object, come to retina, and then natural neural nets starts information processing. The question is what happens after that. Provided that the brain is surrounded by the skull and information processes happen there, one could expect that mental visual concepts are somewhere within the skull.

Where do you find a profound misunderstanding in the paragraph above?

How would you explain the vision?


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