On Thu, Jul 19, 2012  Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> I define free-will as the ability to make willing-full choice in absence
> of complete information

Complete information is NEVER available, but there is ALWAYS enough
information to make a choice OR there is not enough information to make a
choice; so we end up making no choice at all or we make a choice based on
nothing, in other words at random.

> > and in the presence of the awareness of our ignorance for some near
> future.

The following is not deep but it is true: You are aware that sometimes you
are not aware of the cause of your action and you are also aware that you
don't know what the result of a calculation is until you have finished the
calculation. Is this pap the marvelous new definition of the free will
noise that you claimed you had yesterday, the one you said that "many of us
have given new precise, and compatibilist, definition of" ?

> I can practice that free-will even alone at home, like when hesitating
> between coffee and tea.

The hesitation is needed to finish the calculation or needed to see which
number the ball on the roulette wheel will fall on; random number
generators just like computers do not work at infinite speed. Is this sorry
shit a example of the "new precise" understanding of the free will noise
that yesterday you claimed many on this list had?

> It might be premature to say if free-will is part of us or not.

Yes it is premature to say, but it's not just limited to the free will
noise, in general before we say we do or do not have something it might be
helpful to know what the hell we're talking about.

  John K Clark

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