On Tue, Aug 07, 2012 at 11:24:59AM -0400, John Clark wrote:
> Yes I agree that is certainly needed, and yet I see on this very list
> endless debates about if people have free will or not or if God exists or
> not and there is not the slightest agreement about what "free will" or
> "God" means. People very very literally don't know what they're talking
> about, but whatever they're talking about they are doing so with great
> passion. It's no wonder the debate never goes anywhere!

I don't think the second sentence follows from the first. I do claim
to know what I mean by "free will", which in accord with how Bruno
uses it, but I also note that there tends to be no agreement on the
term, and that the debates typically shed more heat than light, so I
usually delete all threads with "free will" in the title without
reading them.

I can only surmise that the religious crowd have appropriated free
will for their own purposes, and the anti-religious crowd seem to be
hell bent on showing the nonsensical nature of that usage, rather than
simply using a more sensible definition and getting on with it.

As for "God", if a Christian asks me, I would say I'm an atheist. It
most clearly describes my position in terms they understand. If it is
someone aware of philosophical nuances, I might give a more nuanced
answer, such as Einstein's "I believe in Spinoza's god".

Is that so hard for the militant atheists to get?


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