Hi Stephen P. King 

As I understand it, Leibniz's pre-established harmony is analogous to
a musical score with God, or at least some super-intelligence, as 

This prevents all physical particles from colliding, instead they
all move harmoniously together*. The score was composed before the
Big Bang-- my own explanation is like Mozart God or that intelligence
could hear the whole (symphony) beforehand in his head.

I suppose that this accords with Leibniz's belief that God,
whoc is good, constructed the best possible world where
as a miniomum, that least physics is obeyed.  Hence
Voltaire's  foolish criticism of Leibniz in Candide that how 
could  the volcanic or earthquake disaster in Lisbon be
part of the most perfect world ?

Thus, because physics must be obeyed, sometimes crap happens.

* As a related and possibly explanatory point, L's universe
completely is nonlocal. 

Roger , rclo...@verizon.net
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Hi Roger,

    I have noticed and read your posts. Might you write some remarks about 
Leibniz' concept of pre-established harmony?

On 8/10/2012 8:53 AM, Roger wrote:

Hence I follow Leibniz, even though he's difficult and some say
contradictory. That agent or soul or self you have is your
monad, the only (alhough indirectly) perceiving/acting/feeling
agent in all of us, but currently missing in neuroscience and



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed." 
~ Francis Bacon

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