Hi Roger,

What is this quote from? It is interesting! I don't quite agree with it,
as the centers are not all that a monad must include for its definition...

On 8/23/2012 10:29 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
> Hi Stephen P. King
> " Leibniz propounds a pluralistic metaphysical idealism by reducing
> the reality of the universe to
> centres of /force,/ which are all ultimately spiritual in their
> nature. Every centre of force is a substance,
> an individual, and is different from other centres of force. Such
> centres of force, Leibniz calls monads.
> These forces are unextended, not subject to division in space. None,
> excepting, of course, God, can
> destroy these monads, and so they are considered to be immortal in
> essence. Though quantitatively, the monads a.."
> Roger Clough, rclo...@verizon.net <mailto:rclo...@verizon.net>
> 8/23/2012
> Leibniz would say, "If there's no God, we'd have to invent him so
> everything could function."



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed." 
~ Francis Bacon

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