On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 9:48 AM, Roger Clough <rclo...@verizon.net> wrote:

  > If you are a materialist, rejecting God is a perfectly sensible thing
> to do.


> But materialism is bad philosophy, since it ignores the ontological
> firewall between mind and matter.

I make changes in the matter of your brain and your mind changes. When your
mind changes, such as when you figure  the coffee cup should be at your
lips and not on the table the position of the matter in the coffee cup
changes. That's sounds like a pretty BAD firewall, even Microsoft can make
a better firewall than that!

> > Naturally, it cannot solve the mind/body problem

The hardest part of the mind/body problem is figuring out exactly what
the mind/body
problem is and what "solving" it is supposed to mean.

> and has no clue what mind or God is,

God is dog spelled backward.

> but demands proof of any religious statement or concept.

Science has explained a lot of things, it's true it hasn't explained
everything but it's explained a lot, so I don't understand why embracing
religion is supposed to help when RELIGION CAN'T EXPLAIN ANYTHING.  Science
can't explain everything so you want to switch to something that can't
explain anything. It's nuts.

> Is that hypocracy or what ?

Its not hypocrisy so it must be what.

 John K Clark

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