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> We might do things because the laws of arithmetic.

If so then we in particular and everything in general is as deterministic
as a cuckoo clock because when you add 2 numbers together you always get
the same answer. I might add that everything is most probably not

> To stop has no first person meaning.

After the instant in time called "stop" there will be no more entries in my
diary, the meaning of that is pretty clear to me. Or to put it another way,
death means having a last thought.

> Nobody will ever write in its personal diary that he just died,

But they have written "this will be my last entry"; I believe the Antarctic
explorer Robert Scott wrote something like that in his diary that was found
months later next to his frozen body.

> You are assuming physicalism here,

The only thing I'm assuming is that X is Y or X is not Y.

> which is inconsistent with computationalism.

You're creating a straw man opponent, nobody believes that what a thing is
and what a thing does is the same. Mind, a abstract concept, is what the
brain, a physical object, does. And going fast, a abstract concept, is what
a jet, a physical object, does.

  John K Clark

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