On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> > A popular subproblem consists in explaining how a grey brain can
> generate the subjective color perception.

I don't ask that you give a explanation but I do want to know what the
general shape a successful explanation would be. If I said X causes Y and Y
causes Z and Z causes consciousness I have the feeling you would just say
"but Z is not consciousness"; and you'd be right because otherwise you'd
just be saying consciousness causes consciousness which is no help at all.
So if you don't like that tell me what the general outline of what a
solution to the mind body problem would look like, assuming there really is
a problem that needs a solution.

> Most religious belief, like the belief in the existence of primary
> matter, or of mind, or God, etc, can be seen as attempt to clarify, or
> hide, the mind-body problem.

If consciousness is truly fundamental, as I strongly suspect it is, then
after saying consciousness is what happens when physical systems starts
behaving intelligently then there is simply nothing more to be said on the
subject of consciousness. However if I'm wrong and it's not fundamental
then there really is a mind-body problem that needs solving, but the God
theory does not even come close to solving it; saying "God did it" without
saying how He did it is no more help than saying "the dog did it".

  John K Clark

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