On 8/30/2012 1:53 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
I think that the Platonic realm is just time, and that time is nothing but experience.

 Hi Craig,

I would say that time is the sequencing order of experience. The order of simultaneously givens within experience is physical space.

Thought is the experience of generating hypothetical experience.


The mistake is presuming that because we perceive exterior realism as a topology of bodies that the ground of being must be defined in those terms.

    The mistake of subtracting the observer from observations.

In fact, the very experience you are having right now - with your eyes closed or half asleep...this is a concretely and physically real part of the universe, it just isn't experienced as objects in space because you are the subject of the experience.


If anything, the outside world is a Platonic realm of geometric perspectives and rational expectations. Interior realism is private time travel and eidetic fugues; metaphor, irony, anticipations, etc. Not only Platonic, but Chthonic. Thought doesn't come from a realm, realms come from thought.

    Thoughts might be defined as the very act of n-th order categorization.




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