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> Bruno makes a valid point, that you attack only the weakest, most ill
> conceived, notion(s) of God.

It is my habit to attack only the weakest parts of ideas, attacking the
strongest parts seems rather counterproductive because they may actually be

> Perhaps you have never bothered to investigate deeply the true claims of
> various religions.

I've had 13 years of formal religious training. How much have you had?

> Judaism:
>    God is an absolute one indivisible incomparable being who is the
> ultimate cause of all existence.

Now that is a excellent definition of God, and a jolly fat man who delivers
presents to all the children of the world on Christmas eve is a excellent
definition of Santa Claus. I don't believe either of them exist.

> > Christianity:
>   The book of John begins: "In the beginning was the λόγος, and the λόγος
> was with God, and the λόγος was God."

The following sentence has identical informational content: "in the
beginning was stuff, and the stuff was with stuff, and stuff was stuff".
Funny ASCII characters do not make things more profound.

> Philo of Alexandria, a Jewish of the first-century, taught that the logos
> was both the agent of creation and the agent through which the human mind
> can apprehend and comprehend God.

This human mind can not  comprehend God, so I guess God does not exist.

  > "To all of us who hold the Christian belief that God is truth"

Only a fool would say truth does not exist so with that definition God
certainly exists.  This is a excellent example of something I mentioned
before, somebody willing to abandon the idea of God but not the word

  > "Geometry existed before the creation; is co-eternal with the mind of
> God; is God himself" -- Johannes Kepler

Yet another example of the same thing because Geometry certainly exists.

 > In the Bhagavad Gita, "You are the Supreme Brahman

A Brahman is a subset of beings and if there are a finite number of beings
in the universe then logically there is a supreme being, but that doesn't
mean he had anything to do with creating the Universe or us. In fact the
supreme being could be working right now at The Institute for Advanced
Study in Princeton New Jersey and in the morning he puts his pants on one
leg at a time just like I do.

>  the greatest.

I believe Muhammad Ali exists.

  > In the Sri Brahma-samhita, the indivisible, infinite, limitless, truth.

Yet more people interested in words but not ideas.

> "I would say with those who say 'God is Love', God is Love.  But deep
> down in me I used to say that though God may be Love, God is Truth above
> all.

And more.

> I have come to the conclusion that God is Truth.

And more.

> God alone is and nothing else exists

Something certainly exists so God exists. Do you really think this sort of
crap is deep?

> It may be easy to dismiss some people's definitions of God

I don't dismiss definitions I just want to know what the hell people are
talking about. You can define God as the thing you use to brush your teeth
if you like, and if so then I believe in God.

> the scientific consensus is that infinite (mathematical) truth is the
> self-existent cause and reason for our existence.

There is no scientific consensus that the Universe needs infinity to
operate, but let's assume that it does; it doesn't take a genius to see
where this sort of word play is leading, "God is infinity". The integers
are infinite and they exist so God is the integer numbers. And this is
wonderful news for people who just want to say "I believe in God" but don't
care what "God" means, they just want to be able to say the words.

> > you might easily have missed some of the deeper meanings of God

I guess I have missed them, you should have mentioned some of those deeper
meanings of God in your post.

  John K Clark

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