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>  because if I'm not a atheist nobody is.
I think we agree that closed mindedness, in all its forms, in something we
to be avoided.  The devoutly religious can be close minded if they believe
that their ideas, or their view of the world is the only valid one.  You
may have experienced such close mindedness your years of formal religious
training.  Perhaps this was partly what motivated you to abandon that
religion.  Yet on the opposite end of the spectrum, the devout atheists,
may make a habit out of rejecting all ideas that have little or no
evidence, and this becomes another form of close mindedness.  Skepticism is
useful.  We should always be questioning ideas, but skepticism is an
entirely different thing than a blanket rejection of ideas out of hand,
without investigating them or having any evidence to do so.  It is better
not to commit too strongly to any idea or position, as it makes changing
your mind (in cases you are wrong) that much harder.

I may not comment in this thread again, as I think I have provided you with
sufficient information to understand my point of view, but only if you are
willing to do so.  Based on your above comment, however, I think you may
currently be too devoutly committed to atheism to accept the possibility of
abandoning it.


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