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> What would you say is the reason for:
> 1. The anthropological universality of spiritual concepts

The fear of death.

> 2. That religious-philosophical development is universal pre-requisite
> for the emergence of science, ie. science never emerges ab initio from a
> culture devoid of a history of religious thought.

I wouldn't call it thought but no culture is devoid of a history of
religion and I have a theory as to why. In general it would be a
Evolutionary advantage for children to listen to and believe what adults,
particularly parents, have to say; don't eat those berries they will kill
you, don't swim in that river there are crocodiles, etc. Most people may
not be born with innate religious feelings and visions but some are, and
they teach their children that belief. And when those children grow up they
in turn teach their children that belief too, that's why religious belief
has a strong geographical pattern. So the root cause is that most people
have a  tendency (which started out as a advantage) to believe into
adulthood whatever they were told as children. And so screwy religious
ideas that start small propagate and become huge.

  John K Clark

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