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On Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 1:12 PM, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:

 > Logos obviously is not a white man with a beard

I think "God is a white man with a beard" is a more intelligent statement than "God is truth" because its actually saying something, it's something that happens not to be true but at least its saying something, while "God is truth" is not saying anything, it's just silly wordplay.

No, it is not. It comes from the important intuition that truth is transcendental, something explained today in the computationalist sciences, by Tarski mike theorem.

If you assume that the primary reality is a physical universe, you are doing physical science. If you actually believe that the primary reality is nothing but a primary physical universe, you are doing Aristotelian theology, as such a belief is metaphysical/religious.

And by the way, in the Mormon religion God is a physical man about six feet tall who lives near the planet Kolob; and the scary thing is that the most powerful person in the world, the next president of the USA, could be someone who believes this.

If you are so worry about fairy tails notion of God, why are you limiting the meaning of God to such fairy tale notion. By doing this you are the one preventing theology to come back to seriousness, and you are the one presenting as fact a religious belief, like the existence of a primary physical universe (the third god of some antic philosophers).

> "According to Adi Shankara, God, the Supreme Cosmic Spirit or Brahman is the One,

It just amazes me that so many people think this sort of drivel is profound philosophy, ITS NOT SAYING ANYTHING!

No. Occidental science has developed through the belief that reality is one, and to a reaction of its most naive descriptions. It is the same as conjecture and refutation. The problem is that some people have made the physical universe into a sort of authoritative God, and this not only does not explain where it comes from but prevent progress both on the origin of the universe and on the mind-body problem. The God Matter hypothesis has failed, simply (provably with comp).

> but if you look at the whole message being communicated, you find many deep ideas.

I found many words from eastern languages but no deep ideas, just more pap about God is one or love or truth or everything or the void or the infinite or the blah blah.

>>> I see you ignored the names of God in Islam,Names?

>> What the hell difference would it make if God's name was Seymour Butts or I P Daily?

> Now you are just exhibiting willful blindness.

I am doing no such thing, I honestly don't understand why I should give a tinkers damn what some bronze age hillbillies named their invisible man in the shy.

> You could interpret it as the infinite truth is the source of Brahman, [...] I think your are willfully shutting out these ideas, because of their origin, which is unscientific.

What ideas? Please I want to know, what ideas? Your saying that the Brahman is the truth and the truth is the Brahman, well OK but other than being able to say that its Brahman that 2+2=4 what have I gained from learning that?

A foreseen of the fact that if "2+2=4" is a scientific statement, the following is not: ""1+1=2" is true". This plays a key role in the comp theory of consciousness.

>some religions assert their God as "the infinite, uncreated truth and source of existence"

And some comic books assert that Superman's name is Kal-El and he comes from the planet Krypton. Both assertions have equal philosophical depth.

This is because you believe, irrationally (as you don't even argue, but take for granted) in a primary physical universe. Monotheism has led to monism, and is a key in the birth of the modern science.

It becomes clearer and clearer for me that your avoidance of going from step 3 to step 4 might come from your religious atheistic beliefs.



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