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>God loved the believers and hated the nonbelievers, at least that's what
> the Bible tells us.

Yes that's what the Bible says, it says that a omnipotent omniscient being
is pretending that He does not exist and He hates anyone that He has been
successful at fooling and will torture that person as much as He can for a
infinite number of years. But he loves you.

It's easy to see why a human would push that load of crap because it gives
influence over others, and its easy to see why they want it taught to the
very young, at that age anything said by a authority figure bypasses the
critical thinking areas of the brain and directly becomes a axiom, which he
will eventually pass on to his children someday; trying to peddle that
horseshit to a adult for the first time would never fly. The brain just
works differently when we're very young, its much easier to learn a
language and we believe everything we're told. Most adults don't believe in
Santa Claus even though they once did because they were told by their
parents when they were still quite young that he didn't exist, if they
waited until they were 17 to be informed it would be too late and they
wouldn't have believed them because " Santa Claus exists" would have
already have become fixed as a axiom that cannot be questioned. And we'd be
living in a world were most adults believed in Santa Claus and were
dreaming up all sorts of ingenious excuses why we can never manage to
detect him or his workshop at the north pole.

What I don't understand, because it seems so out of character, is if God
does exist why He would place belief, in particular the belief in something
when there is absolutely no reason for doing so, as the ultimate virtue.

  John K Clark

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