On 9/26/2012 4:18 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

Isn't the self 1p ? not sure.

   The self is 1p, by definition.

Hmm.... The self obtained by the Dx = "xx" method is entirely 3p, and is the one usually denoted by Gödel's predicate: Bp.

To get the 1p, we connect it to truth, which makes sense as Bp -> p, although true (trivially as we limit ouself to ideally correct machine) is not provable by the machine, so Bp & p defined a new modal box, having an arithmetical interpretation, but no more definable or representable in arithmetic. That is the 1p. As it has no name or no representation, it acts like a little god; and it plays the role of the inner God in the arithmetical intepretation of Plotinus.
Hi Bruno,

Your remark makes sense. I was only considering the inner aspect. I will disagree a tiny bit about it having no representation; it has a representation to itself but this is just its automorphism but that makes the representation vanishing. It is the "homunculus" without regress.




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