On Thursday, October 11, 2012 8:03:15 AM UTC-4, yanniru wrote:
> Roger: So neither space and time nor spacetime 
> physically exist. 
> Richard: That is unscientific. Physics could be entirely wrong. 
> But I will bet on physics being correct and you and Craig being incorrect. 
> But you are entitled to your opinion however absolute you make it sound 
> like. 

Craig: If we are right, then it is the Physics of Leibniz and Einstein (and 
probably others...Bohm?) are correct. Why does your interpretation speak 
for Physics but these others do not?

Try this. Imagine universe with nothing but a ping pong ball in a vacuum. 
There really is no 'space' there. Without some other object to provide a 
frame of reference, there is literally no way to conceptualize a difference 
between one 'place' to be and another. No direction to face. Space is all 
information entropy. The lack of signal for us to make sense out of. It is 
nothing but the inferred gap between one participant and another in the 
particular visual-tactile-acoustic sense modalities of the participants 

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