On Wednesday, October 10, 2012 3:52:30 PM UTC-4, yanniru wrote:
> Craig, 
> Neurons are made in accordance with physical laws. 
> You are confusing string theory with comp which apparently makes 
> everything. 
> String theory monads are made in the big bang by having the excess 
> dimensions of the space of string theory curl up into 1000 planck 
> diameter particles that precipitate out of 3-D space. In fact they're 
> curling up is what allows 3-D space to inflate. As space is still 
> expanding, monads are apparently still being made. 
> The monads exist in what would be commonly called a supernatural realm. 
> They solve the hard problems of consciousness. Neurons do not. That is 
> why they are needed. But the fact is that according to string theory, 
> they (the monads) exist. 
> You can quibble with string theory if you like. In my models that 
> extend string theory to consciousness, string theory is assumed to be 
> correct, even if my modelling is incorrect. 
> All I claim is that my model is one possibility among many that 
> probably can never be proven. 
> Richard 

All that I suggest is that string theory and especially string monads only 
really address the hard problem if they are understood as figurative 
strings rather than literal structures. The dimensions would have to be 
qualitative experiential dimensions (like emotion, meaning, etc.) rather 
than literally 'different kinds of space'. 

In my view the whole notion of space as a plenum is a non-starter. You can 
look at it that way and perhaps it will work eventually, but it is the 
loooong way around - like trying to guess what song is playing by analyzing 
a database of the expressions on the faces of people listening to that song.

I say that space is a dimensionless void between phenomena which do have 
qualities that can be expressed as partly quantifiable with dimension. We 
are in the big bang, as we always have been, only it is banging within, 
diffracting itself in many different ways, both figuratively and literally 
at the same time.


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