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        Don't get me started on reductionism! I don't believe in it
        as I don't believe in ontologically primitive objects that
        have particular properties.

    Then I don't see how you can make an ontological bet. You're at
    the table, betting on 24 or whatever, but you won't place your chips.
    Hi Cowboy,

        Where is the Doctor's Office? I want to make an appointment!
    Until its tech is proven, I am taking Dr. McCoy's stance:

Dear Stephen,

That's funny. I'll follow you. But I know that show and all its incarnations since my childhood. Bad red herring to evade the bet question ;)

The thing about "where is the Doctors office?" is a guarded agreement on my saying Yes to the Doctor. So, I do accept the betting.

This fictional universe, and the doctor, accept UDA step 8 eventually, as I will demonstrate through examples:

1) The transporter did work in the end, so the original series does assume comp in this sense.

2) Kirk is probably not aware of reconstitution delay, when he gets back, and they've all learned to live with this weirdness.

3) McCoy, or the doctor, also uses the transporter throughout the series. So if you took an appointment and told him that you don't want to be transported and cited this video: "Just get up on that platform and do it. We all do and it works in this fictional universe. Or are you out of your Vulcan mind?"

4) McCoy is simultaneously "occupied" by his soul and Spock's soul in "search for Spock" which slowly kills him + makes him act very strangely until Spock's soul is given a new body in Vulcan.

=> Dr. McCoy understands after this, that his materialist bias is offset by Vulcan's spiritual practice, who are all logicians since childhood, and that spirit is transferable and independent of particular physical bodies.

5) With the Doctor in "Voyager" extension of the show (who is a pure medical doctor hologram/program, but realizes his universality and demands his freedom, which the crew eventually grant him) => program, strings of code, becomes conscious.

6) And the total denial of physical resources, in line with UDA step 8, needed for consciousness is here:

The species "Q" in "the next Generation" version of the show, completely eliminate the need for physical resources to maintain or run them. This species is clearly not limited by physical resources, space, or time restraints.

Thus, your portrayal of McCoy's stance is not faithful to the fictional universe of that television series, which does support Step 8 on numerous occasions :)

I agree with a weak version Step 8, one that allows for the "appearance of a robust physical universe" but in the way I explained in my posts yesterday.


    Buckaroo? Banzai!



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