On 11/3/2012 7:45 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
Hi Bruno Marchal and Stephen,


"Leibniz declares that there are two kinds of truth:
truths of reason [which are non-contradictory, are always either
true or false], and truths of fact [which are not always either true or false].

Truths of reason are a priori, while truths of fact are a posteriori.
Truths of reason are necessary, permanent truths. Truths of fact are 
contingent, empirical truths.
Both kinds of truth must have a sufficient reason. Truths of reason have their
sufficient reason in being opposed to the contradictoriness and logical 
of propositions which deny them. Truths of fact have their sufficient reason in
being more perfect than propositions which deny them."

Dear Roger,

Is truth, either of reason or of fact, independent of the mind or in the collective minds of all that could apprehend them?



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