On 11/5/2012 10:31 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
1) I don't understand your application of "infinite regress"
to the One.  The One is something like an intellectual white hole
from which all comes, to invent a description.
Hi Roger,

Let us think a bit about this. Does anything exist that could act to contradict something that the One might believe to be true? No, why? Because the One knows all things, thus there is no knowledge that it does not know. Nothing exists outside of it. Therefore the One is always truthful, no? How can the One know the difference between that it is and what it is not? Well, its seems to follow that the One has to particular location in space or time and thus has no particular "point of view". OK? So, we can ask: what about the statements by the One of itself? Are they always true? How could we know? We are left with an entity that:
1) has no particular point of view
2) only makes true statements
3) cannot be contradicted.
4) is unable to make any statements about itself.

    Is this not an existential contradiction?



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