On Tue, Nov 06, 2012 at 03:46:32PM -0500, John Mikes wrote:
> <<Hence my snide question about AL: all we know about whatever we call
> 'life' is only partial and an artificial way to produce it may NOT lead to
> the real thing (no matter how close we may get to our in-model
> descriptions).>>

This doesn't follow at all. ALife is more about "growing" software
than writing software. I would fully expect that we'll never have a
complete understanding of ALife systems either, just a better
understanding that can inform our understanding of real life.

> I think you were absolutely precise in your last sentence saying:
> *"...Also A Granger-causes B can be read as series A explaining
>  something about series B."*
>  ("...explaining *something* about...") where both A and B are open to be
> only partial model-descriptions and not all of the real thing (if such
> exists).

Pecision helps to clarify what we mean. At least with GC, we can
decide if it is really what we mean when we're talking about causality or not.

> <<if you do not approve trilobites, please feel free to pick ANY ancestors
> of our exquisite human specie from - say - 1-2 billion years ago>>

1-2 billion years ago, all life was unicellular. Even 500 million years
ago, our ancestors were insipid worm-like creatures, contemporaneous
with the earliest of trilobites, which were far more magnificent



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