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So why the big fuss over teleportation when the UDA is really all about establishing that comp is consistent and implies computational/ machine metaphysics rather than materialism? Well, it would seem to me the entire argument stands or falls on this teleportation business, and if it's not possible, then the argument for the UD doesn't seem to get off the ground.

Neither comp nor QM makes it impossible to teleport classical informations. On the contrary comp explains why teleportation of unknown physical state are impossible. Up to now QM confirms comp, especially what seems weird (from an aristotelian perspective).

Anyway, comp does not suppose any physical theory at the start. It presupposes a physical reality (a priori primitive or not) and it presupposes that such a physical reality is enough rich to support relative universal machine, if only to give sense to brain and concrete computers.

Then we can reason from that, and eventually recognize that, like Darwin show life evolving from material inter-relations, comp shows the laws of physics are themselves born and developing in the first person apperception of the numbers relatively to the numbers and their inter-relations.

This makes arithmetic, or equivalent, into a testable TOE.



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