On 12/11/2012 9:33 AM, Platonist Guitar Cowboy wrote:
Dear Roger,

It's called an attempt at humor. I apologize if it didn't meet your standards: I am a learner in comedy, not a knower.

A point here which puts my attempt at humor directly on topic: I ask myself whether everybody is a TOE? And is the ability to share that some measure for quality? By whose standards?

Everybody breaks down the world into some set of primitives and looks at it through that lens + there is some truth to knowledge gleamed here, which can be shared and some that cannot. Monads, numbers, sense, quarks, humans, a great watch from descartes, the back of a turtle, and the plethora of new age perspectives and primitives: they might not obey the debatable laws of what constitutes an ontological, philosophical, or scientific argument... but if the bet is laid open and reasoning somewhat sincere, then I'll listen to a mystic over some dull philosopher or scientist and their linguistic labyrinths any day. I don't mind if they can express it formally or not.

I raise the bar for TOE: not only must it address problems and be formally precise etc: It has to also be cool and have the gonads to laugh about itself.

If we can't laugh at our own gods, then they are tyrants or rather grumpy. I make fun of my idiocy of seeing the world musically all the time.

Roger, why would I want to attack what you hold dear?

My reason for joking is much simpler than oedipal stuff: My Inbox reads "Monads, Monads this, Monads that, but actually Monads this" and so I joke about gonads and Leibniz biscuits in X-mas time that are everywhere in Germany.

But if you need to make a Freudian oedipal diagnosis, then tell me at least what I have to gain by "attacking the previous generation" on an internet list?

The answer is easier than "attack": laughing is nice, so I try.

Hear Hear!!!!!



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