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> but if the bet is laid open and reasoning somewhat sincere, then I'll listen
> to a mystic over some dull philosopher or scientist and their linguistic
> labyrinths any day.

I do not even try to learn comedy. Yet I learn from mystics more than
any credible scientist.

Of course mystics have posed any number of contradictory realities.
Because of this I rather intuitively rank each posed reality by the
number and dignity of the mystics associated with a particular
hypothetical reality.

I lend more dignity to a mystic if he or she happens to be a
scientist, or a mathematician, or a philosopher, including those
associated with religion.
I also look for underlying principles that make seemingly
contradictory realities consistent, something Moses advised for his
contradictory laws.

So Plato was both philosopher and mystic. Leibniz, both mathematician
and mystic. One might add Godel, Wheeler, even Witten, but not Newton.
I certainly add Buddha, Jesus, even Swedenborg and the early schools
of Hinduism, but not any Pope.

For me what distinguishes a mystic is their possession of what I call
"insight", a property of advanced humans that allows them to see or
sense a unique reality that is beyond scientific measurement in space
and in time.

The fact that Buddhists have "sensed" a lattice of seemingly entangled
particles and that Leibniz seemingly arrived at the same conclusion
logically (however I suspect he "sensed" that reality as well), and
now that supersymmetric string theory SST has at least deduced the
same reality, gives that reality IMO overwhelming credibility. I say
SST deduced rather than derived because what happened to the extra
dimensions are not (yet) derived from the theory.

That no such mystic has "sensed" an MWI-type multiverse is also IMO
meaningful. Yet it is clear that particles in the so-called
particle/wave duality exist mostly as waves having numerous quantum
states even in constrained systems like electrons in an atom.

So what is the underlying principle that makes these contradictory realities,
MWI quantum waves versus SWI physical particles, consistent??

(to be continued)

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