How about this:

Liberals are utopians, conservatives are skeptical of them. 
Sometimes one is right, sometimes the other, but
unfortunately it costs money (usually a fortune) to create a demo.
So liberals need to listen seriously to the conservatives.

[Roger Clough], []
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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On 12/14/2012 5:54 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote: 
This response is the hallmark of a progressive worldview, and adhere perfectly 
to my definition: Hate to the established and aim to his destruction because it 
is an obstacle for something better that still don? exist. But no matter what 
is it, progress will bring ?t. That? their core believef.

What nonsense.? A strawman man for Alberto to hate.? He wants to see every 
change as destruction and every change as motivated by hate.? Progress is by 
simple definition of the word going from the worse to the better.? Every 
conservative always supposes that they know the one Truth and so it cannot be 
improved upon; they are the true believers - and that applies to the political 
left Maoist/Communists as well as the political right 
Royalist/Papist/Fascists.? They all used their power to consolidate and gain 
more power. 


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