On 12/17/2012 10:40 AM, Platonist Guitar Cowboy wrote:
Whitehead is a devil then because then the half-truth rule can be no exception to his whole truth rule. It is therefore a one quarter truth. No! Wait! It is a 1/8th truth. Sh*t! It just transformed into a 1/16th truth... Cowboy does this for one countable infinity.

That's pretty cruel of Whitehead. He made me lose an infinity! WTF? That's more time lost than sifting over our ideological, soapbox posts in this list.

C'mon guys, really? You really mean REALLY?

I have no problem with devils; that is if they are seriously too weird. But will leave them to pay the drink if they are weirdly too serious :) Same rule for aliens, angels, elks, gods, people, especially philosophers (the most unbelievable fantasy creature imho) because this cowboy weirdness rule works in any universe. Caveat: only works for people who are weird enough.

My point: So get rigorously weird.


Hi Cowboy!

Mathematicians like to think of a zoo, where we can have all kinds of very nasty creatures, securely locked up for us to study. We Philosophers like to go into the wild and track down the beasts in their natural habitats. ;-)



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