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    Hi Craig Weinberg
    " The Kuznet's theory goes like this: when a country begins developing 
    its income inequality worsens. But after a few decades when the rich begin 
    more in the economy and wealth begins to "trickle down," income equalizes 
and people
    more wealthy then they would have otherwise been. The multilateral financial
    which have adhered to this theory, namely the IMF
    <http://www.foe.org/global/imfund/imf.html>, enforce structural adjustment
    progams (SAP's) on heavily indebted third world countries which drastically 
    socioeconomic inequalities.
    So I think the gini coefficient is largely a historical number,
    where presumably avg pp income increases with time.
    So you have to look at avg income as well.
    The Kuznet inverted U curve below shows that  g is low for
    rural or under- developed  situations such as Iran
    and Greenland, where the avg income is low.
    It reaches a peak when under industrializatyion, and
    finally, in serice economies. wher income is the highest,
    it automatically decreases again.

Did you notice this chart on that link?


There is no shade of black that is white, sir. I know you mean well, but I have lived in the US for 44 years and I can tell you that it has gotten worse every decade - in California, in Colorado, and in North Carolina. People who were middle class are now economically abandoned while worthless monopolies capitalize on enormous economies of scale to own more and more and more. Can't you see that? Can't you tell?

I don't think it's economies of scale. Inequality in the U.S. has been driven by two things. One is the opening up and industrialization of India and China with huge low wage labor pools. This has made it more economical to build factories there to sell products here. The second is the financialization of the U.S. economy. Most of the really rich make their money by moving money around. There aren't millions of jobs moving money, it can be done by a few people with computers and the right education and family connections to get the jobs.


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