On 1/2/2013 11:55 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
I am not so sure about that. Most humans would be more happier just knowing than more humans can be happier (if it is not their neighbors). I think that some problem comes from too much altruistic dreams, and few awkward real practice, but they keep growing. Presently alas the 'natural altruism" is confronted to the usual fear sellers, and all this is aggravated by dilution of responsibility, motivated by will of control, motivated by the fear of the unknown, manipulated by minorities (not always aware of this, but I think some are).


/Man has the Good,/
/He searches for the Best,/
/He finds the Bad,/
/And He stays with the Bad by Fear of/
/finding the Worst./
(A french poet)

You have to make the good out of the bad because that is all you have
got to make it out of.
   --- Robert Penn Warren

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