On 09 Jan 2013, at 19:37, John Clark wrote:

On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 7:18 AM, Roger Clough <rclo...@verizon.net> wrote:

> I sense God's presence.

That's nice, but how do you know (and more important how do we know) if you are sensing a omnipotent being who created the universe or if you are sensing a bad potato that you ate yesterday?

Or the devil imitating God to fail you. Yes.

I've never had a mystical experience, but if I did I'd have the courtesy to keep my mouth shut about it if the evidence for its validity was available only to myself. Even if I had discovered a new fact about the nature of reality there would be no way to communicate the truth about it to others. And even if you are certain about it you can't be certain that you should be certain about it, because you can be 100% sure about something and still be dead wrong, in fact it's very common, just look at Muslim suicide bombers.

OK. Again this is a theorem in the comp theory. The wise remains mute (on the spiritual matter). But the machine can express some part in the conditional way, like she cannot prove "non provable (my- consistency), but she can prove "if I am consistent then non provable (my-consistency). Likewise, a part of the "spiritual truth" can be proved in the form "if comp then ...".



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