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    I have never understood what it means to be atheist. Sometimes it appears 
to mean
    existentialist "not Christian god", another appearance is "not organized 
    which both appear reasonable.

    Intuitively however, I've always asked myself: "what are they talking 
about?" as
    we're all invested in beliefs or working hypothesis (whatever you wanna 
call these
    structures primitively) of one sort or another. Physical, scientific, 
    mathematical, computational, financial, political, biological, creative, 
    solidarity + individualism spectrum, and yes also beer, drugs, shopping 
    etc. are all areas where you limit or enable mucking about with core 
    either skeptically distant or suspending disbelief, to avoid hell or 
approach some
    utopia in mind.

    Implied by every thought operation, every action, we at a certain point 
take a leap
    of faith, we bet on some belief, deity, working hypothesis.

    I don't see how an agent can act or decide without this, which is why I 
    understand the proposition that entity exists without belief in something 
    transcends them, that they want or wish to avoid. Ok, you can blame me for 
    differentiating between absolutely static belief and work-in-progress 
    hypothesis, fine. But the result still is that some force of propositions 
    convinced or forced us to invest in them.

    I should maybe speak to more atheists to get it perhaps, or maybe somebody 
here can
    point me towards a flaw to get what people mean with "atheist". Oddly, I 
often find
    the same "this I take for granted attitude, that anything else makes me 
    condescendingly", that even keeps me from bringing it up.

    Do you know what "theist" means?


If you could clarify your question, why you ask, it would be easier.

That is so broad: what does anything mean in some absolute sense, or are you playing some specific frame?

That broadly though:

Greek root theos, so god/transcendental principle + ism, implying a more or less flexible belief, held by adherents. Whether anthropomorphic, interactive, or any other feature of deity in question, the term is used in more or less broad terms to denote belief it one or more supreme beings. And yes you could differentiate endlessly here... but to what end?

Then you know what "atheist" means "... to denote nonbelief in one or more..."


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