On 1/15/2013 7:27 AM, Jason Resch wrote:

    Then why do we find ourselves in a world where everyone has only life from 
    childhood to now?

All conscious states are experienced, even if everyone is truly immortal it does't mean we always have access to or are experiencing all our memories all the time. How much of your current life are you recalling at any given moment?

To answer your question, we are either original biological humans or someone else experiencing what it was like to be an original biological human. When this life ends the consciousness original biological humans ends, but it continues as the someone else who experienced that original biological human's life.

But as I understand your theory we are nothing but sequences of experiences - so if the sequence continues (and I don't know how you distinguish one continuation from a another) the we continue. It is incoherent to say someone else experiences our continuation.


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