On Tue, Feb 5, 2013  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote

 > we also realize intuitively that computers are unconscious

We? Speak for yourself. Maybe your spider senses start to tingle when you
encounter something with consciousness but I am not Spiderman.

> without any logical analysis.

So let's see, computers are incapable of any logical analysis and yet
computers would have no trouble whatsoever in beating the hell out of you
at checkers or chess or solving equations or Jeopardy or many other things
that require logical analysis.

So let's see, Einstein was incapable of doing physics yet Einstein could do
physics much better than me.

> > That's why behaving 'like a robot' or a machine is synonymous with
> mindless repetitive action.

That's fine, that's logical even, you deduce that something is not
conscious because you don't like the way it is behaving; I do the same
thing. But to remain logical if something changes the way it  behaves then
you may need to change your opinion on the nature of its mind. When
something no longer behaves like a mindless repetitive robot that could
mean it is not a mindless repetitive robot.

  John K Clark

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