The situation in ' philosophy of physics'.
‘ Suddenly I realized that a nagual did have one point to
defend - in my opinion, a passionate defense for the
'description of the Eagle', and 'what the Eagle does'.

"But what kind of a force would the Eagle be?"

"I would not know how to answer that.
 The Eagle is as real for the seers as gravity and time
 are for you, and just as abstract and incomprehensible."

Those are abstract concepts, but they do refer to
real phenomena  that can be corroborated. .   "

He said that the Eagle's emanations are an immutable
thing-in-itself, which engulfs everything that exists;
the knowable and the unknowable.

"There is no way to describe in words what the Eagle's
emanations really are,"  . . . .  .
. . . . . .  .   etc . . .
/ The Fire From Within. ©1984 By Carlos Castaneda.
Chapter 03 - The Eagle's Emanations. /
Their dialogue is a good example for description the situation
in ' philosophy of physics'  when the stupidity has  a mandate
 from the physicists  to explain us the ‘philosophy of physics’.

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