On 2/10/2013 12:14 PM, John Mikes wrote:
you write mystique.
First you mention "THE REAL UNIVERSE" (who said ther IS one?)

then you line up a series of "IF"-s. What about IF NOT?
You seem to justify the 'truth' of arithmetics on the basis of human logic (prime #s, 2+2=4, etc.) which may be a flimsy dependence of the Natural Logic building up the World. Maybe an illogicalistics?
We are restricted in our tiny mindset and think "That's IT!"

But we wouldn't be so quick to say, "That's IT!" if we remembered that we just made it up, including the mathematics to talk about it. Sure, we think it has *something* to do with "the real universe", but we can't be sure; we can only know what's worked so far.


Looking at those 10 millennia of human evolution: we gradually get smarter and know about more and more (rightly or wrongly). But we still have no idea whether ANYTHING we think is real, of just a fantasy in our effort to EXPLAIN the unknowables?
You wrote you are "more" agnostic than myself. Does it apply to those "if"-s?

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