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Why?  And why do you think science has made no progress since 1947?


Science made great technological ( !) progress since 1947,
but not ' philosophical progress ' (!).
We still haven't answers to the questiohs:
What is the negative 4D Minkowski continuum ?,
What is the quantum of light ?,
What is an electron?,
What is entropy ?
. . . .  . etc. . . . .etc.
To create new abstraction ( quarks, big-bang, method
of renormalization . . . etc )  is not a progress.

Good. So you might open your mind on the consequences of computationalism. It needs to backtrack on Plato, for the theological/fundamental matter. The physical reality becomes the border of the (Turing) universal mind, in some verifiable way. The Aristotelian *assumption* that there is a physical reality, although fertile, seems to be wrong once we assume consciousness to be invariant for some digital transformation. Eventually it leads to new invariant in physics. Physics does no more depend on the choice of the computational base, notably.

So does comp answer socratus questions?

It provides the only (with comp) path to formulate anew the questions, and get partial answers. And socratus seems aware of the failure of physics with that respect, so comp might help him (above the fact that to keep physicalism you must assume that we are not Turing emulable).



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