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On 19 Mar 2013, at 17:34, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:

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As an example, I could point you to the Genome Wager between Lewis Wolpert and Rupert Sheldrake


Make your bet. In such a form this is closer to real science, that is, to a predictive statement.

That bet is far too vague for me. Define "abnormalities".

I bet that in 2029, they will not been able to judge the case, and will continue to disagree.

I can bet that full simulation of higher mammals brain, ---glial, neuronal cells + some bacteries, at the molecular level, close to the Heisenberg uncertainty level,--- will be done this or the next century.

And I am not betting that we will be able to simulate the folding of all proteins, but we will use the shape we already know. Many steps of the chemical metabolism will be simulated very roughly, in the (eternal) beginning.

It might be an ethical problem, of doing this on animals. They did not say "yes" to the doctor, but we will do it anyway, and comp will be a practice before people begin to think on the theological implications, I'm afraid.

Most humans will choose the level available in their time. It is a field where our terrestrial grand-children will never cease to progress.



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