On 18.03.2013 19:39 Bruno Marchal said the following:
Hi Roger,

On 18 Mar 2013, at 12:48, Roger Clough wrote:

Since mind is an MQS or Multiple Quantum Superposition, it can
process information at the rate of a quantum computer.

Since you seem to talk  philosophy, let me translate what you say for
 our friends the scientists.

If we assume that mind is a Multiple Quantum Superposition, and if we
 assume that mind can exploit those quantum superpositions to process
 information, then the mind can process information at the rate of a
 quantum computer.

That implication seems to me quite reasonable.

Test of the theory according to which a human mind is a Multiple
Quantum Superposition:

1) show me a human as good as a quantum computer for finding a needle
in a haystack.

Could you show me a quantum computer that can do that? I guess that it exist only in dreams of theoreticians (on in that part of Platonia that the humankind cannot access).

2) Factorize 11111311111911111111511111111111121212111111111

Rain Man?


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