On Wednesday, March 20, 2013 12:37:54 PM UTC-4, John Clark wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 Tom Bayley <tjp.b...@gmail.com <javascript:>> wrote:
>  > I always hear an audible click very shortly after I see the light 
>> switch on. There is no direct causation,
> Yes but how do you know that, how can you prove there is no causation? 
> It's easy, just buy another light switch of the same manufacturer but don't 
> connect it up to any wires. 

We can write books and other people can read them, so that must prove that 
consciousness is not caused by neurochemistry.

> When you flip the switch it will make a identical audio click, if the 
> lights don't go on then you know it's not the sound of the click that makes 
> the lights go on. Alternately you could get some soundproofing material and 
> put it around your existing switch, the one already hooked up to the wires; 
> now when you flip the switch you hear nothing and if the lights still come 
> on then you know the sound does not cause the lights coming on.     
> We say that X causes Y If when X happens Y always happens AND when X 
> doesn't happen Y never happens, and we know for a fact that when the 
> chemistry of the brain changes consciousness always changes AND when the 
> chemistry doesn't change consciousness never changes, thus the conclusion 
> is obvious.

If a conclusion about consciousness seems obvious, then it is probably 


>   John K Clark  

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