On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 , Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

>>> We can write books and other people can read them, so that must prove
>>> that consciousness is not caused by neurochemistry.
>> >> What the hell???
> > Books aren't neurological, right?

Right, but they are certainly material.

> There is no direct link between the author's brain and the reader's
> brain.

There is never a "direct link" between one mind and another, there is
always a material middle man, usually many, such as photons reflected off
paper in a book, or air vibrations from vocal cords, or in chemical changes
in the nerves of fingers, or whatever.

> Just like the light switch

There is not a "direct link" between the light switch and the light going
on either, the closing of the light switch just caused a current to flow in
the wire, the current flow didn't cause the light either it just caused the
filament in the light bulb to get hot, it was the hot electrons in the
filament that caused the electromagnetic waves to be produced.

> you remove any connection between neurons, yet the words of one brain (or
> brain activity ostensibly associated with the words) are still transmitted
> from one to the other.

When you write books I don't always read them AND if I don't read your book
your book still exists, so I can say with great confidence that my reading
of your books does not cause your books to exist.

  John K Clark

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