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Are you a follower of La Rouche? I do not see such opposition
between Plato and Aristotle .  Aristotle believed in essences and
ideas and in the the inner sense of what is right, just like Plato.
he was not an empiricist nor a materialist. its phisics is drawn
both form intuition and observation, not from experiments (and it
was quite right for the range of  the terrestrial phenomena that he

A small note. I have recently listened to lectures by Maarten Hoenen

Antike und mittelalterliche Philosophie

He has considered in his lectures

Augustine of Hippo
Anselm of Canterbury
Albertus Magnus
Thomas Aquinas
Meister Eckhart
Duns Scotus
William of Ockham
Nicolaus Cusanus

In his words, Christian philosophers have tried all the time to find the right mixture between Aristotle and Plato. Say Augustine is almost Neo-Platonic while Thomas Aquinas is almost pure Aristotelian. And it seems that among Christian philosophers you could find any possible superposition between ideas of Plato and Aristotle.


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