On Fri, Mar 22, 2013  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

>> In the first place with the exception of organized religion no area of
>> human activity has as long a history of fraud as psi research.
> > Not banking, not patent medicine, not pyramid schemes, not politics, not
> war profiteers, but psi research.

That is correct.

> >> In the second place if you knew you had great experimental ability
>> you'd never go into a field as dead and moribund as psi that hasn't moved
>> an inch in well over a century.
> > Your usual condemnation of people you deem 'not winners'...because
> understanding nature is a sport, apparently. [...] Winners winning always
> win. Go team!

You seem to have a unusual fondness for losers and being on the wrong side
of history, so I would suggest you just keep going on your present course,
although a tad more interest in astrology and flying saucers and bigfoot
and creationism wouldn't hurt.

>> On the other hand if you knew you were all thumbs in the lab then psi
>> research would be a perfect career choice for you because a bad
>> experimentalist is better than a good one if you're looking for something
>> that doesn't exist.
> > Because there's so many juicy grants out there? Because it's such a
> great way to attain prestige? Hah.

A junk science book is far far more likely to make it onto the best seller
list than even a very good science book, and there has always been big
money to be made with quack medicine.

> The fact that this line of inquiry refuses to go away might be true for a
> reason.

There is a reason it won't go away, everybody including yours truly would
just love for it to be true, but unfortunately wishing does not make it so.

> If we had the Everything List in 1070 and it was suggesting that disease
> were caused by invisibly small beasts multiplying in our flesh, the
> skeptical position would have held that this nonsense should be stamped out.

In 1070 there was zero evidence for the existence of invisibly small beasts
multiplying in our flesh but today there is; In 1070 there was zero
evidence for the existence of the paranormal and exactly the same thing is
true today. Although you will chastise me for saying I prefer life over
death paranormal research is a dead field; and you don't need a 10 billion
dollar particle accelerator to investigate this stuff, if these simple easy
experiments were valid then today the paranormal would not be controversial
because its existence would have been proven to everyone's satisfaction way
back in the time of Newton if not earlier, and today high school kids,
perhaps grade school kids, would be repeating these classic 17'th century
experiments in their science fair projects. They're not.

> Did you even look at the MRI's?


  John K Clark

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