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> > wait for the Nobel prizes ceremony. That way you can be assured to only
> hear about the most respectable Scientific endeavours.
> Anything else would be a waste of your time.

This isn't a mathematical proof where I have all the information needed to
judge its quality, this is a report of the results of a experiment and as
such is only of value to me if I believe that he is a competent scientist
and actually performed the experiment as described, and in this case I have
no reason to do so. I usually believe what I read in Science or Nature even
if I have not personally done the experiment because over the decades those
publications have established a web of trust between the authors and the
readers and the experiment has been repeated or at least examined by
somebody I trust; but in this case its just crap somebody posted on the

I'm more than willing to look at evidence provided it really is evidence,
however I'm not willing to look at the "evidence" posted on a website by
somebody I've never heard of because there is no web of trust between me
the reader and the originator of this "evidence" as there is in a
legitimate Scientific journal. As a result the only thing stuff like this
is really evidence for is that somebody knows how to type.

> Ideas of consequence are rarely -- if ever -- produced outside the bossom
> of the establishment.

Bullshit. And speaking of Nobel Prize ceremonies, nobody predicted X Rays
before Rontgen discovered them and neither he nor anybody else had a theory
to explain them until many decades later, but he became the most lionized
physicist of his day and received the very first Nobel Prize in Physics
just a few years after he discovered them. Rontgen was making an incredible
claim but the scientific community believed him because he had incredible
good evidence, a photograph of the bones in his wife's hand, there is
nothing equivalent to that in NDE.

And even Darwin's Theory of Evolution, which has about as much emotion and
prejudice aimed against it as it's possible for a Scientific theory to
have, was accepted by the mainstream scientific community in less than a
decade, and when he died Darwin was given a hero's funeral and buried in
Westminster Abbey right next to Newton.

People have been telling each other ghost stories and babbling about life
after death for thousands of years but Science doesn't believe a word of
it, not because it upsets scientists preconceived notions about how things
work (in fact that's how you make your reputation in Science) but because
the closer you look at the "evidence" for such things the more it just
fades away.

But maybe you believe that it's me that is full of Bullshit and not ghost
stories, if so then you should accept the following bet: If Science or
Nature or Physical Review Letters publishes a positive articel about life
after death before April 5 2014 I will give you $1000, if none of them do
you only have to give me $100. Do we have a bet?

  John K Clark

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