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> Last week PLoS ONE received its first impact factor — a stunning 4.351.

Stunning?  Nature = 51.15  Science = 47.72; and you're bragging about a

 > This puts the open access journal in the top 25th percentile of ISI’s
> “Biology”

There are many thousands of science journals, so that means there are many
hundreds that are better than PLoS ONE; thus nobody, absolutely positively
nobody, would publish an article in PLoS ONE that they thought was
important if they could get it published in a better journal.

> > where nobel laureates submit articles to.

I imagine that Nobel laureates have posted lots of stuff on the internet to
many different message boards over the years, but the question to ask is
how many of those Nobel laureates received their prize for stuff posted to
PLoS ONE? Zero. In contrast although I haven't counted it out I would
estimate that 60% of all the Nobel Prizes given out since 1945 in physics
or chemistry or medicine was for articles published in just 4 journals,
Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters, and The New England journal of

> PLoS ONE is the best known journal of the open-access movement,

That's like being the most virile eunuch in the harem.

>I never even mentioned religion in this discussion.

  "I invite you to pause for a second and notice how religious you are
> about Science with a capital S."

  Wow, calling a guy known for not liking religion religious! Never heard
that one before, at least not before the sixth grade.

>> Well if you're that confident then this is a simple no risk way for you
>> to make $1000, hey I'm giving you 10 to 1 odds it's easy money!  So are you
>> willing to put your money where your mouth is?
> > No, I agree with you on the odds.

But why do you agree with the odds? If a very low ranking journal got
astonishingly lucky and published a paper of HUGE transcendental importance
before much higher ranked journals then it's just a matter of time before
the much higher ranked journals catch on and start publishing articles on
that subject of their own. But I'll tell you what, because I like you for a
limited time only I'm willing to increase the odds to 100 to 1; if you
accept this bet before noon tomorrow on the east coast of the USA and if
Science or Nature or Physical Review Letters publishes a positive article
about life after death before April 5 2014 I will give you $10,000, if none
of them do you only have to give me $100. But wait there's more! As a
special bonus if you win not only will I give you $10,000 but I will also
kiss your ass and give you 10 minutes to gather a crowd. Operators are
standing by, don't delay.

> You don't understand what I'm saying at all.

True, but the question is do you understand what you're saying at all?

 John K Clark

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