So, Jason,by this reasoning, a sufficiently advanced technology, then, in  
indistinguisable from Resurrection. I mention this because I have discussed 
tech  resurrection, as, at least, an intellectual phenomenon, over at the 
Kurzweil  forum. There is an enthusiast for technologically based 
resurrection, on the  forum,  has produced a moderately, large, website, that 
this  concept. Most people will say this in impossible, and who am I to 
dispute them?  But I still find the topic interesting, none the less. 
My suspicion is that there is some feature of the universe that acts as a  
substrate for all actions and characteristics and records it all. I am 
trying to  peg it down to the Planck length as sort of a storage cell. The 
styllus to  read-write could be anything from photons to neutrinos, that would 
write to the  planck length. Who knows if it is even plausible, but I sort of 
like it anyway.  I like NDE stuff too, and try to sort the most cogent 
stories from the least  cogent. 

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