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On 23 Jun 2013, at 15:07, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:

Soren Brier, Cybersemiotics: A New Foundation for Transdisciplinary
 Theory of Information, Cognition, Meaningful Communication and the
 Interaction Between Nature and Culture, INTEGRAL REVIEW, June
2013, Vol. 9, No. 2, p. 220-263.



I would not oppose this to "scientific classical explanation". By
doing this, Brier makes impossible to change the theories which fail,
and that can lead to the frequent means of hiding the question by a
verbal sort of hypnotism, I think. If the current explanation does
not work, we have to try to understand why and correct it

I believe that the author remains within science. Well, this clearly depends on definition. The author just wanted to include humanitarian sciences into science. You means that this does not make sense?

There are surely good ideas there, but to oppose it to science is
like cutting the branch of the tree where you seat, something like
that.  It is almost like saying "we have seriously tried to solve the
problem, but we have failed, so let us try now by being non serious.

I am not sure, from what this follows.

I can accept a lack of seriousness in the phenomenological reports,
and that can constitute key data, but the analyses and understanding
have to be made in the usual classical way, I think. If not, you add
bs on bs, I am afraid.

Actually he does present the current Aristotelian view like if it was
 granted, which already hides the main problem.

The paper is based on the Peircean framework. It is not an Aristotelian view.




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