On 29.06.2013 11:19 Bruno Marchal said the following:

On 28 Jun 2013, at 20:35, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:


Do you mean this sentence

"But the theories of the phenomenological life world and the
hermeneutics of the meaning of communication seem to defy classical
 scientific explanations."

This one, yes. the hermeneutics might defy Aristotle metaphysics, but
 why to subscribe to it given that we have not yet abroad the
mind-body problem.

The problem is not with classical science, but with the fact that the
 author seems unable to challenge *some* theories.

But this was from the abstract you gave, so if the paper is more
interesting, don't take this too much seriously. But it seems to me
that he was confusing science with Aristotle metaphysics (like

I believe that your term "Aristotle metaphysics" is misleading. I am afraid that you give it your own specific meaning that for example to me is unclear. I guess that you mean an association of science with materialism. I am not sure though that Aristotle's philosophy belongs to materialism. Say, Aristotle has not shared atomistic world view and he has four causes including final cause. Classic science that Brier refers to is primarily atomistic and is based on effective cause only. One could probably find some relationship with Aristotle's metaphysics but to say that they are equivalent, in my view, it is overkill.


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