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Soren Brier, Cybersemiotics: A New Foundation for
Transdisciplinary Theory of Information, Cognition, Meaningful
Communication and the Interaction Between Nature and Culture,
INTEGRAL REVIEW, June 2013, Vol. 9, No. 2, p. 220-263.



I would not oppose this to "scientific classical explanation".
By doing this, Brier makes impossible to change the theories
which fail, and that can lead to the frequent means of hiding the
question by a verbal sort of hypnotism, I think. If the current
explanation does not work, we have to try to understand why and
correct it accordingly.

I believe that the author remains within science. Well, this
clearly depends on definition. The author just wanted to include
humanitarian sciences into science. You means that this does not
make sense?

You should not have unquote it. I remember reading that he was
criticizing the use of "classical science", and my point is that this
is exactly what we should not done in the human science. He was, like
the pseudo-priests, excluding humantarian science from science.

Do you mean this sentence

"But the theories of the phenomenological life world and the hermeneutics of the meaning of communication seem to defy classical scientific explanations."

Or this one

"I begin with a brief introduction to my view of scientific thinking on deep theories and a few words about the limitation of the word ‘science’ in the English language and my proposal to use the German transdisciplinary term ‘Wissenschaft’, which includes qualitative research into meaning."

Frankly speaking, I do not see how your comment is related to the paper.


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